Olympian Quintet (2008) brass quintet

I. To Earth, The Mother of All
II. Hermes, The Impish Messenger
III. Ares, The Ruthless Warrior
IV. Artemis, The Dancing Huntress
V. Hephaestus, The Crippled Forger
VI. Dionysus, The Great Reveler
VII. Apollo, The Gentle Musician

This quintet is a series of character pieces featuring different gods and goddesses of Greek mythology as found in the Homeric hymns and other myths. Some are superficial pieces such as the short, imp-like quality of Hermes, while others delve farther into personality, like portraying the sorrow monotony of Hephaestus.

Premiered at the Spring Composer's Recital at NIU. April 2009 by Matt Golladay and Brian Balika (trumpets), Brian Mayer (horn), Bobby Vriezen (trombone), and Dustin Westrom (tuba)

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