Quartet for Steel Pans (2009-10) tenor pan, double second pans, cello pans, and bass pans

I. Largo-Allegro Furioso
II. Rhapsody
III. Scherzo
IV. Dance

"Quartet for Steel Pans" was commissioned by Kenneth Joseph for his graduate steel pan recital. The piece plays on contrasting movements and utilizes only one type of scale or key center per movement. The first movement focuses on the octatonic scale in two forms, the second movement is a Rhapsody in the key of F, the third movement is a whole-tone scherzo, and the last movement is a lively dance using the gypsy minor.

Premiered at Kenneth Joseph's graduate steel pan recital 4/24/10 at the NIU school of music concert hall by Mia Gormandy (tenor pan), Kenneth Joseph (double seconds), Abe Breiling (cello), and Yuko Asada (bass)

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