Tree Lore (2013; rev. 2015) clarinet, viola, piano

Tree Lore was inspired by the mystical associations given to trees found in folklore from different world cultures. The first movement of this trio, Elder, is slow and mysterious, with a dance-like middle section. The Elder tree in many cultures is a healing tree, associated with the element, air, and a trio of the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Rowan, the second movement, has several contrasting sections, with an overall sense of mystery. The Rowan Tree is associated with the element of fire, and it was often the site of different rituals. Willow, the final movement, is fluid sounding, containing themes from the previous movements. The Willow tree is linked to the element of water. In lore, it was used to make magic harps and was attuned to the ebb and flow of the tides of the rivers that they are so often near.

Tree Lore was written for the “Iowa Celebration of Women Composers" at the University of Iowa.

Premiered 4/19/13 (movements I and II), University of Iowa, Trio Brava: Lisa Wissenberg, clarinet; Megan Gray, viola; Asami Hagiwara, piano; Performed 11/19/14 at Florida State University, by Anastasia Cristofakis, clarinet; Veronica Cieri, viola; Daniel Thompson, piano; Performed 10/4/15, by the TEMPO ensemble at California State University, Northridge, by Julia Heinen, clarinet;
Nancy Roth, viola; Françoise Régnat, piano.

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