Intimations (2012) soprano and chamber ensemble

Intimations was written as my thesis for my master’s degree. The text, William Wordsworth’s Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood, depicts Wordsworth’s conflicted feelings of aging and losing the child-like sense of awe of nature and his coming to terms of this loss by reliving the joy in memory. Of the eleven stanzas, I chose I., V., and IX. The first movement, There was a time…, uses the ensemble as an echo and an extension of the soprano and reflects the wistful mood of the text. The second movement, Our birth is but a dream and a forgetting, is more dissonant and filled with mourning. The final movement, O Joy!, is exuberant in the rejoicing of childhood memory.

Premiered October 2012, Florida State University
Conducted by: Jamie Wind Whitmarsh
flute: Christopher Kuhns
clarinet: Lisa Kachouee
percussion: Christopher Floyd and Ben Fraley
soprano: Alexandra Zulauf
piano: Joanne Chang
violin: Jennifer Morgan
cello: Justin Page

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