Fantasy for Piccolo and Bassoon (2010)

This piece was commissioned by Christina Guerrero for her senior flute and steel pan recital. The contrasting qualities of the two instruments led to solo passages and rhythmic sections that appear to be a dialogue between the performers.

Premiered at Christina Guerrero's Senior flute and steel pan recital 4/3/10 by Christina Guerrero and Vicki Long (bassoon).

Performed by Betty Stone and Hunter Thomas, 2/10/11 at the University of Alabama Huntsville New Music Festival.

Performed by Masashi Maeda (bassoon) and Satoko Seki (piccolo) 10/14/17: Tokyo, Catholicism Kitamachi church;10/21/17: Aomori, Towada art center cafe space;10/22/17: Iwate, Oshu-shi Bach Saar

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