Dreamscape (2011) string quartet

Dreamscape is my impression of a surreal, dreamlike world. This first section, “whimsical," is a dense texture of flowing passages with the melody passed between each voice. I see it as full of swirling blues, violets, and greens. The transition into the next section consists of unison glissandi and end in silence. The second section, “Disquiet," starts sparse of eerie, like a surrealist, desert landscape. It grows in intensity for some time before finally reach the peaceful climax of the third and final section. This section, “Tranquility," has a feeling of ebb and flow with the use of sustained pitches.

Read by the JACK Quartet in the fall of 2012.
Premiered 4/29/13, Florida State University, by the Eppes Quartet: Vilma Lloja and Alexandra Matloff, violins; Peter Dutilly, viola; Austin Bennett, cello

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