Six Short Pieces for Woodwind Quintet (2010)

I. Allegro
II. Adagio
III. Fragments
IV. Chorale
V. Pastorale
VI. Jazzy

"Six Short Pieces for Woodwind Quintet" incorporates many different styles of music and gives short glances into each instrument as a solo and blending member of the ensemble. The first movement is rhythmic and the instruments largely play as a whole, the second movement uses woodwind pairs with the solo horn, the third movement fragments a melody between the instruments with short snippets and extended techniques, the fourth movement experiments with blending sounds, the fifth movement uses modal inflections, and the sixth movement takes ideas from jazz and Dixieland music.

Featuring (on recording): Christina Guerrero (flute), Stephanie Pieczynski (oboe), Ramses Bugarin (clarinet), Cameron Douthitt (horn), and Vicki Long (bassoon)
Premiered at Stephanie's Senior recital 4/09/10.

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